Violence Prevention



P4 Global leverages the patented VIPER© Program (Violent Incident Prevention, Engagement & Recovery) to establish a standardized methodology for preventing, recognizing, responding to, and recovering from violent events that may occur.


Benefits of Implementing VIPER PROGRAM

1.         Training all personnel to recognize and respond to violent events can help to prevent the act, or minimize the impact of the act through proper response.

2.         Knowledge from training helps build team confidence, which can positively affect performance.

3.         Liability related to post-incident litigation can be reduced through the demonstration of a proactive company policy and training program.

4.         VIPER© Program development and training can work to deter potential attackers by presenting Client facilities as “Hard Targets”.

5.         Building owners will see the value in a company that has a program in place for safe-guarding their facilities and tenants.

6.         Prospective tenants will see the value in leasing space in a building that has the VIPER© program in place.

7.         Clients can offer security-related services to their Clients/Tenants to help them improve their individual company security posture.

8.         The communication strategies taught in the VIPER© courses enhance the ability of the Clients to effectively communicate time-sensitive information both internally and externally.

Core Curriculum: The curriculum developed will be unique to the client’s company culture, goals and requirements. A simple course outline would include:

Violent Prevention Strategies

  • Threat Recognition
  • Situational Awareness
  • Violent Incident Response Training Programs

Violent Incident Response Options

  • Lock-down / Lock-out
  • Escape / Evade
  • Engage / Interdict

Violent Incident Recovery Procedures

  • Accountability Procedures
  • Emergency Medical Plans
  • Post-Incident Reporting and Communications
  • Internal Review Procedures