Risk Analysis


Clients depend on P4 Global for security consulting when they need assistance ensuring that their security programs’ integrity is maintained. Our security audits expose weak areas and verify that post orders and standard operating procedures are being properly executed. Large and small businesses, organizations and individuals come to us to for security risk analyses, security audits, revitalize existing systems or develop a new protocol that needs to be put in place.

At the end of a security audit, we provide detailed recommendations and can implement any of the appropriate services. We not only provide audits, but also develop strategies and can perform anything that we recommend. Our audits are made announced or unannounced depending on what your requirements are.

Clients come to P4 Global when they want to know that their security plan is working and being properly executed. We have developed the security protocols that help us quickly and effectively determine what client needs are and whether security protocols are being followed. Our subject matter experts have decades of experience with proven results demonstrating our expertise.

Why Choose Us for Security Audits and Inspections?

Our security professionals are experts in contract security and are highly proficient security operators. For decades, we have developed security programs and can ensure your program is solid and being executed as intended.

We are professional, experienced and loyal security specialists that communicate with clients at every step of the process. Our proven security audits and advice can be trusted for all profile levels helping to keep our clients as far from threats as possible.

Our pricing is extremely competitive without compromising detailed and successful strategies.

Our bottom line is your peace of mind is our priority.


We know that contracting with a security auditor is something that must be kept completely confidential and we take that seriously. When we perform an audit, we build ultimate privacy into it. Our subject matter specialists are security professionals who handle every situation tactfully.

Need A Security Audit or Risk Analysis?

P4 Global’s ability to work with our resources and respect schedules assigned by our clientele is unparalleled. The information that we provide to our clients is comprehensive, detailed and accurate. Our clients can rest assured that the services we provide follow best practices.