P4S will provide close protection services anywhere in the world upon request. Our Personnel Protection Teams (PPTs) consist of regularly evaluated and intensely trained specialists. Every member must meet current U.S. State Department standards for protective services just to gain entry into the PPT training cycle. Our teams are capable of conducting protective operations and all supporting functions scaled to scope and risk.


Executive Protection Details

P4S's Executive Protection Details are tailored to facilitate maximum productivity for business executives, public figures, and all of those for whom efficiency is paramount. Whether commuting to and from meetings in Chicago's busy Loop, or chartering a last-minute flight to a remote manufacturing plant overseas, our Executive Details are standing by to ensure personnel safety and operational continuity. 


Low-Visibility Protective Packages

In today's unconventional threat environment, unconventional solutions are necessary in keeping business operations moving. Our PPTs utilize first-hand operational knowledge of non-permissive regions around the world to develop Low-Visibility Detail packages. Our regionally-tailored protocols paired with leading-edge counter-surveillance techniques, ensure a minimal footprint for overseas operations. 

High-Threat Protection and Personnel Recovery

P4S's High-Threat Operators are specially trained and experienced in conducting protective details and personnel recovery missions in many of the world's most dangerous places. By leveraging the full support of P4S's global command center, U.S. and foreign government relationships, and active network of regionally-based local assets, our High-Threat Operations teams will exhaust all resources to get clients in or out of any place on earth.