Our firm provides everything from high-threat installation security and logistics to cyber threat monitoring and VPN audits to get and keep your operations moving. We utilize unmatched systems and experience in providing enhanced security planning and management. The P4S team has extensive experience assisting clients with project operations in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Vital Installation Security

For years now, companies looking to expand internationally have relied on P4 Security Solutions to set up a secure environment for their personnel and business. Before the client has even established a footprint in a region, P4S will assess the location and perform a risk analysis that considers climate, culture, and threat environment. We then establish a customized security program that facilities both a safer work environment and business continuity.


Sensitive Investigations

Our investigators have extensive experience in planning, managing, and conducting a variety of criminal, civil, and sensitive internal investigations for a variety of clients. As professional investigators, P4 Security Solutions specializes in unobtrusive, confidential and professional private investigations. Our Chicago private investigative team works with our national and international network to provide our clients with any investigative service that they desire.


High Value Asset Transit

P4 Security Solutions has developed a High-Value Asset Protection and Transportation program to assist clients with securing their assets. P4 Security Solutions is ready to provide teams of some of the world’s most trained and qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to receive, transport and deliver assets using industry best practices. All HVAT team members will meet the rigorous selection, training, and clearance standards required, and will adhere to established security protocols.