Personal Protection Services.

Through our sister company, The Protection Group LLC, we are able to handle Sophisticated clients depend on The Protection Group for comprehensive VIP security and protection services. The pedigree of our management team and bodyguards is unrivaled in providing security to our high-level clients. Our proven methodology provides security in a broad spectrum of situations and events. The Protection Group delivers one-source security solutions in areas affecting both human and other physical resources.

VIP security measures taken to ensure the safety of individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location are extremely specialized. Our protective measures are broad: home security systems, bodyguards, armored vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private travel, background checks for other employees, and additional precautions to keep our clients safe.

We provide protective services to anyone in the public eye, including their family members, partners, assistants and other companions. We perform advance work, detailed intelligence gathering and deploying the most experienced specialized security professionals. Close protection for VIPs and executives is implemented in public and private settings, whether stationary or in transit.

The Protection Group guards an individual or group of individuals from harm. A primary focus is planning routes, advance room sweeps and buildings where our clients will be visiting, researching the background of people that will have contact with the client, searching vehicles, and attentively escorting the client on their day-to-day activities.


P4 Global & The Protection Group

P4 Global is a leading strategic security company with it's headquarters in Chicago, IL. P4 Global is comprised of 3 companies, P4 GLOBAL LLC, THE PROTECTION GROUP LLC, and THE PROTECTION INSTITUTE LLC. Each highly specialized in their 

The Protection Group LLC is P4 Global's sister company, and handles all corporate accounts. All business done in the State of Illinois is through The Protection Group. 


Core Competencies 


Executive Protection

Dignitary Protection

VIP Protection


The Bottom Line

P4 Global and The Protection Group can handle your Personal Protection and Bodyguard needs. We will custom tailor our approach to work the best for you. Contact us today to find out how we can service you.