Eric Zarco


Eric Zarco

Position: Scheduling Manager

P4 Scheduling Manager Eric Zarco is responsible for scheduling and overseeing payroll while ensuring that an adequate on-call security force is available to provide and maintain coverage for all P4s sites. Eric began his career as a Flex Security Officer with Securitas Security Services, USA Inc. in 2014 and has also held the roles of a Flex Supervisor, Site Supervisor, Field Supervisor, and Scheduling Manager. Eric joined the P4 team in November 2020 as a Field Supervisor in the unarmed security division.

Zarco earned an Associates’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Richard J. Daley Community College and is a participant in the Illinois Security Professionals Association. Eric has been recognized by a prior employer for his management skills, scheduling proficiency, integrity, as well as his ability to provide strategic solutions for difficult situations. Outside of work, Eric can be found at your local comic bookstore. Eric also enjoys traveling, watching art films, reading fiction novels, and catching Pokémon on the go.

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