Operational and Liability Analysis

Poor business practices can lead to slow response times, long windows of time before things become resolved, low morale and high turnover for a company.  These can be very costly to a business.  P4 Security Solutions can provide well-defined, industry-leading procedures that improve these business practices and will help you get the most out of your resources.






Background Checks

Many of our clients depend on our expert network to ensure that they are avoiding bringing someone into their business that is either dangerous or dishonest.  When a potential new hire is not properly vetted, an employer is basically inviting a perfect stranger into their place of business.  Doing a background check verifies that an applicant has the correct skills, work history, and education credentials to perform what they are applying for.  Conducting background checks for your business will provide you with the peace of mind that you hired the right people for the job.

Executive Communication Support

Executives are typically experts at running companies but it doesn’t mean that they are experts at clear and effective communication.  Communicating too frequently can cause employees to never read what you write because they deem it as unimportant to them.  Never communicating also can cause problems because your team will never be on the same page which is vital to successful operations.  P4 Security Solutions can help your company’s team learn to effectively communicate with each other, and as a result function together much more cohesively.

Expert Witness

P4 Security Solutions consultants are recognized as experts in a variety of fields pertaining to public safety, private sector security, and management operations.  Our experts can provide your attorney with insight pertaining to their respective field, which will in turn help you during any litigation. Access and understanding of information is paramount to any operation and our experts work diligently to close the gap between your legal team and whatever the case pertains to.