Operational and Liability Analysis

Municipalities, and particularly police departments, often find themselves in court for claims that could have easily been avoided. Working with municipalities and their insurers and/or attorneys, we can carefully examine the operations of the department to focus on strategies that will help to reduce potential sources of liability claims. Each Operational and Liability Analysis is custom-designed to address the specific needs and concerns of the agency, considering both past and potential liability issues. Our staff has conducted numerous analyses, which have led to decreased liability claims, increased efficiency, and improved morale.


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Policy Development

Of all the issues that lead to liability concerns for police departments, out of date, contradictory, or poorly written policies and procedures are major contributors. Our staff has designed individual policies, entire policy manuals, and has conducted training for numerous agencies. Well-written and well-enforced policies and procedures can lead to a decrease in potential liability claims and can aid in defense of agencies when they are subjected to civil suits. Rather than provide a “generic template”, our process involves developing custom-designed policies with the active input and engagement of department personnel, supervisors, and the collective bargaining unit. This results in much more “buy-in” from personnel who have more of a feeling of “ownership” of the policies, fewer grievances, as the bargaining unit was involved in policy development, and increased adherence to the policies by all personnel.



Chief Executive Selection and Promotional Process

Finding the right person to lead a law enforcement agency, or selecting the right person to move into a supervisory or command position requires an in-depth knowledge of the duties, skills, and attributes necessary to succeed as a Chief of Police, Command Officer, or Supervisor. P4 Security Solutions experts have decades of experience in Chief of Police positions, and have conducted searches, selection processes, and promotional processes for hundreds of law enforcement agencies. All of our processes are custom-designed, and based on exactly what issues are critical to the organization, which makes the entire process not only fairer for candidates, but also much more relevant.


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Internal Investigations

With ever-increasing scrutiny of police operations and of the conduct of police personnel in the media daily, when a complaint or allegation is made against a department employee, the manner in which the matter is addressed can have a dramatic impact on the public perception of the agency and its efforts. Internal investigations into allegations of police misconduct must be thorough, completely objective, and professionally conducted. Having an outside entity conduct these investigations is one method for the law enforcement agency to demonstrate transparency, and can go a long way in maintaining positive police-community relations. Our staff conducts internal investigations for numerous law enforcement agencies, which allows the agency to demonstrate that these investigations are being conducted objectively while ensuring that the rights of employees and complaining parties are protected.