Clients depend on P4 Security Solutions LLC for comprehensive information that requires investigative strategies and resource awareness. Our investigative findings give our clients the information needed to assist in making many different kinds of decisions.

Our investigative services includes:

§  Criminal Investigations

§  Corporate Investigations

§  Fraud Investigations

§  Infidelity Investigations

§  Financial Investigations

We can also verify references, previous employment, education credentials, marriage/divorce records, liens, lawsuits, bankruptcies, address verifications, property records, phone numbers, relatives, neighbors, etc.

Criminal Background and Financial Investigations

Many of our clients depend on our network of experts to ensure that they are avoiding bringing someone into their business that is either dangerous or dishonest. Research shows that almost 70 percent of employers check on their applicants, and nearly 50 percent do financial investigations. When a potential new hire is not properly vetted, an employer is basically inviting a perfect stranger into their place of business.

Not utilizing criminal investigations or background checks? You should, or you could otherwise be putting your business and existing employees at risk.

Conducting an investigation confirms that an applicant has the appropriate skills, work history and education to perform what they are applying for. It also reveals driving records, sex offender status, possible aliases and past residential addresses.

Meeting jurisdictional guidelines is paramount to a successful investigation. Employers that do not handle background investigations appropriately run a severe risk of being sued by a job candidate. P4 Global uses the most detailed databases and we work within local, state and federal compliance guidelines so that you can rest assured that our services were conducted above reproach. Not following appropriate investigative laws can have serious consequences and cause grief and problems for businesses and individuals.

Criminal Investigations

Our criminal investigators have knowledge of forensics, crime scene reconstruction, evidence collection, interview techniques, photography, amongst others. As investigators, we to know how to properly and discretely research, locate government records and have a working knowledge of criminal law and associated procedures.

Why Choose Us?

P4 Security Solutions’ ability to work with our resources and respect schedules by our clientele is unparalleled. The information that we provide to our clients is comprehensive, detailed and accurate. Our clients can rest assured that the investigations we provide follow legal parameters and are discrete.


P4 Security Solutions’ private investigation professionals have decades of experience with proven results. Our private investigator team will resolve your investigative requirements quickly and effectively while protecting your privacy. We are acutely sensitive in situations that can sometimes be uncomfortable and disruptive in nature.

Clients that turn to us in need of a private investigator span a wide spectrum: corporate, insurance, legal and private individuals. Our private investigation team includes men and women with decades of experience in local, state and federal government capacities. We understand how to work within government guidelines at all levels so our clients can rest assured that we followed the letter of the law.

Private Investigation Chicago

P4 Security Solutions’ specializes in unobtrusive, confidential and professional private investigations. Our Chicago private investigative team works with our national and international network to provide our clients a broad set of investigative services:

§  Corporate investigations

§  Strategic due diligence and backgrounds

§  Threat investigations and behavioral threat assessment

§  Social media monitoring

§  Financial crimes

§  Civil investigations and litigation research

§  Business intelligence

Professional Private Investigator

We are the professional, loyal, discreet and experienced private investigations firm that clients look to when they require information. We provide private investigations for insurance companies, businesses, attorneys, and private individuals, just to name a few. Our track record delivers top-rate investigative results.

Our specialty is providing people with answers that only veteran private investigation professionals have the skills to obtain. Your confidentiality is our utmost concern and it will be protected.

Confidential, Loyal, Timely

We know that contact with a private investigator is something sensitive in nature and must be handled discreetly. We create a strategy that assures our clients of ultimate privacy. Our agents are investigative professionals who handle every case with the utmost professionalism while maintaining confidentiality, and working within our clients’ timelines.

Why Choose P4 Global?

P4 Security Solutions’ ability to work with our resources and respect schedules assigned by our clientele is unparalleled. The information that we provide to our clients is comprehensive, detailed and accurate. Our clients can rest assured that the investigation services we provide follow the letter of the law and are painstakingly discreet.