Our expert staff has vast experience in conducting detailed Vulnerability Assessments, and Needs and Capabilities Studies. We have performed these services for U.S. and foreign dignitaries and their families, Fortune 500 clients, and Educational Institutions for more than 20 years. P4 staff members assigned to our Risk Mitigation team have been recruited and selected for their experience and expertise in conducting these operations during their service as federal agents, law enforcement officers, military specialists, and physical security consultants.




Emergency Preparedness

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Integrated Technology Solutions


P4 Global leverages technology, innovation, and veteran know-how to secure locations. Our subject matter experts will develop a system and protocol that utilizes cutting edge technology to secure your property, business, or organization. 

Security Solutions

P4 Global LLC provides security consulting services to assist in developing, implementing and troubleshooting the full spectrum of security issues.

RFP Consulting Services

P4 Global LLC offers Security Assesment/RFP Consulting services for any type of business or organization large or small.

Corporate Facility Security

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Employment Screening