P4 Security Solutions LLC:

P4 Security Solutions is a strategic security company with offices in Chicago IL, Charleston SC, and Washington DC.  Since 1999, our team of subject matter experts have been developing and implementing custom protection and security programs for clients in some of the world’s most dangerous locations.  Right now, all over the world, P4S is protecting its clients and securing their vital assets and facilities from harm in all its manifestations. These clients include government agencies, domestic and international dignitaries, private corporations, industrial facilities, and vital public installations.



REM Management Services, Inc:

REM can provide your corporation, business, agency, or institution a variety of security, training, and general management solutions with an emphasis on personal service and long-term success.  The services we can provide are surprisingly absent from many organizations.  These proven fundamental management and security practices will enhance your operations, increase your profitability, streamline and secure your workplace, and maximize your workforce output.


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