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At P4 Security Solutions, dedication to quality service and value drive our success.  Our strategic approach provides clients with solid solutions to meet today’s most challenging goals.  We customize our services to meet the needs of each client.  We pride ourselves in being able to support our clients from the inception of a project through completion.

Our team was founded by security industry experts and former members of elite military and law enforcement units.  Our teams decades of experience give us a genuine understanding of the risks and needs of our client base at their locations both locally and throughout the country.  We have brought together world-class professionals with various special backgrounds, each selected for their expertise and contributions in their respective fields.


Christopher T.

Searching for a reputable and reliable security provider can be a daunting task. After a long search I came across P4S.  After first contact, we sat together and planned my entire off-duty police detail from start to finish.  Senior management at P4S are some of the best and brightest in the business.   I cannot thank Larry, Adam, Paul and Bryan enough for their continued dedication and attention to my company.

Ray T.

I have used P4S’s professional services several times to conduct promotional assessments for my department.  On these occasions, the process was professional,  thorough, objective, and provided the department with excellent promotional candidates.  Additionally, the officers that participated felt the assessment was the best, most relevant promotional selection process they had participated in.  I would highly recommend P4S’s services.

Rick Z.

Our agency has used P4 Security Solution on more than one occasion for their professional services.  Each time, we not only successfully accomplished our goals, P4S provided us with a means of implementation that was inclusive and supported by the rank and file.

Frank K.

As a Police Chief, you are often confronted with a serious complaint or questionable incident that requires an independent, objective, and thorough investigation lead by people with exemplary credentials.   For the past decade, I have relied upon P4S for these investigations.  Their experienced team members have been extremely professional, producing a fair, impartial, and comprehensive investigation.  I would highly recommend P4S for sensitive internal investigations or audits.

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