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About P4 Security Solutions

At P4 Security Solutions, dedication to quality service and value drive our success.  Our strategic approach provides clients with solid solutions to meet today’s most challenging goals.  We customize our services to meet the needs of each client.  We pride ourselves in being able to support our clients from the inception of a project through completion. 

Our team was founded be security industry experts and former members of elite military and law enforcement units.  Our deep-set Chicago roots give us a genuine understanding of the risks and needs of our client base in the Chicagoland area.  We have brought together world-class professionals with various special backgrounds, each selected for their expertise and contributions in their respective fields.


P4 Security Solutions Mission


P4 Security Solutions (P4S) is committed to the advancement of security culture and dedicated to the safety and prosperity of the businesses and individuals we serve. By leveraging decades of experience and industry relationships, we are able to quickly and efficiently implement strategic security programs thoughtfully designed to protect people and secure facilities. We will exhaust every available resource to ensure the safety of our clients and the seamless continuity of their operations.

P4 Security Capabilities 


P4S is unmatched in its ability to provide clients with full-spectrum protection and security programs to better prepare and defend against all manifestations of harm at home and abroad. From our ability to provide professional Off-Duty Law Enforcement officers anywhere in the Chicagoland area on short notice, to our multi-national business support teams deployed around the world, we are fully capable and wholly committed to the safety of our clients and the success of their endeavors. 

P4 Security Clients

P4 Global Clients

P4 Security Solutions is built around the concentric security model. Our processes are designed to allow our experts to learn and analyze your operating structure and risks, while integrating seamlessly with your company's culture. Our team has successfully served both private and public organizations in various locations around the world. With pride, P4S continues to provide ongoing strategic security operations for numerous large public venues and corporate offices in our headquarters city of Chicago.